Greetings world!

It is an almost paralyzing thought to think how I am writing a blog to be posted for the rest of forever on the internet. There’s no going back now (although I can be an excellent editor after I press the “publish” button… So I fully intent to make use of that feature!) But once a post is on the internet, a digital copy will always be out there; even if a post is deleted, the ghost will be somewhere.

I went to college for journalism; I received a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication. But I graduated from college 10 years ago (2007 was 10 years ago!), and I haven’t done much with my degree in that time. I’ve been too busy getting married (August 22, 2009) and raising children, you see. 6 of them, as of March 2017, born between 2010 and 2016. My primary conversation partners are under 4 feet tall, and may like to talk about interesting things (my almost-7-year-old can rattle off some random animal facts he learned from watching PBS Kids, or my 4-year-old can share some memories about what she did in Sunday School earlier in the week). Even when I get together with fellow mothers, the conversation doesn’t often stray too far away from the short people in our care.

But my mind is full of ideas. Ideas that don’t always interest my husband. He’ll listen to me, sometimes, about things I want to do or try, but other times it’s obvious that my topic of conversation has not sparked his interest.

So this blog is intended to be a place for me to talk about things that interest me… And if it doesn’t interest you, you can move on without offending me. That is more difficult for my husband to do.


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