Scrumptions Snacktime!

I simply have to share this, it’s almost unbelievable: a healthy snack everyone in the family enjoys!

2 avocados + an 8oz block of softened cream cheese + a tablespoon or so of garlic (more or less to taste) + salt and pepper (also to taste)

Mash together (which is fun for all ages as well). I used corn chips, but I imagine carrots would be a good carrier too.

Phoebe, 1.5 years old, will eat the dip and not the chip. Quite different than other dips she tries, where she’ll eat tons of chips and not much dip. (Which is a hassle when we make chili dip or something for dinner…)

Low carb (depending on what vehicle you use to get the dip from the bowl to your mouth) and healthy.

Next time I make it, it might have to be after the kids are in bed so that I can enjoy more of it myself…


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