Mother’s Day Lessons

When you homeschool, it seems like you can make a lesson out of anything. It also seems like sometimes we do nothing but “lessons” all day.
Today, I had an eye doctor appointment, so my soon-to-be retiring dad (read: free babysitter) came over when we normally do formal math and writing lessons. After lunch, I put the little ones down for nap/quiet time and Ethan, Naomi, and I began our schoolwork for the day. 

Math was simple; a test today makes for easy work for teacher-mama. After having them write a few practice words in cursive, I excuse Ethan and call Naomi to join me on the living room couch as I tell her she has one more lesson to to.

“Mooooooooom. We’ve already done 1,000 lessons today!” (She is my most dramatic child; she amuses me after-the-fact, but she can be difficult in the midst of things.)

However, when I pull the book out (Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons), she practically jumps to my side and she eagerly opens to where the bookmark is. All conplaints of “having to do one more lesson” have vanished. We snuggle while she reads. We’re only on Lesson 62, but she can do most of the reading with minimal help or correction from me. And my heart is filled.

When my schedule gets busy and so many things need to be done, we don’t always do a reading lesson a day (I aim for at least 3 a week; they only take 10-15 minutes a lesson) but it’s times like these that make me realize that there’s more going on that her learning to read. It’s something we’re doing together, something she can see she’s doing well at and that the praise I give her is not superficial. (She is good at math too, but both she and Ethan get so discouraged if they get even 1 question wrong on a worksheet, despite my praise. And she tends to need more love poured into her than the others anyway.)

Daddy asked them last night what they wanted to do with Mommy for Mother’s Day. Grand plans for presents and cake and vacations were discussed. Then how much everything costs vs. how much money they had was discussed (math lesson!)… I’m probably getting handmade gifts, but I will treasure them always. I have a “Tim box” of mementos from our relationship, and I have a “mom box” of cards or pictures or small tokens the kids have given me. And I will treasure those boxes, and the memories they hold, forever.

(My Mama, and the ones who make me a mama.)

Happy Mother’s Day Weekend!


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