Lions, and Tigers, and Bears… Oh, my!

Torn clothing is a style I just don’t understand. Maybe I’m showing my age, as the style was just starting to take off when I was graduating (one or two small-ish rips in the thighs of jeans, maybe a hole in the knee… Now entire legs are hanging out and stores are charging an arm and a leg to expose those body parts on clothing items traditionally designed to cover such appendages…

Bedtime Math is a website that sends me daily emails with a story and some follow-up math questions. Yesterday’s story went like this:

Jeans are just blue denim cloth with some pockets sewn on. But at the Kamine Zoo in Japan, animals have helped MAKE jeans. The zoo took big rubber tires — a favorite toy of big animals like lions and bears — and wrapped them up in blue denim. Then they let the animals claw and chew away at them. Tigers tended to work alone; bears worked in pairs, and lions piled on in groups. When they were done chewing and scratching, the zookeepers rescued the torn, shredded cloth and sewed it into jeans. They sold the jeans to make money for the zoo. As you see in this video, the claw marks make you look like you rolled around in the lion’s den yourself!

I mean, really? Not only are you paying more for less clothing, do you really want to look like a lion or tiger attacked your pants!?

I am in favor of supporting the zoo, which it sounds like the proceeds from buying these items goes to support that cause. So I giess there is that, but I’d rather donate in some other way rather than buy clothing I would never wear.

I hear the Toledo Zoo will be having an art fair the weekend of August 5-6 that may feature some art painted by zoo animals during their enrichment times… Although it’s still probably out of my price range, I would much rather own a painting made by an elephant than a pair of jeans torn by a tiger.


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