Ch- ch- ch- changes! (Life changes)

So much has happened, and I think about posting… But then I think about how awkward it will be after this long break from posting. So… This is me awkwardly saying hi again. Hi.

In other news, my son is 4 weeks old today (the above picture is from when he was 1-week… I love baby feet!) Jachin (rhymes with Bacon) Samuel was born on April 5, which happened to be his oldest brother’s 8th birthday. So my oldest and youngest are exactly 8 years apart. Actually, Ethan was born at 1:09 am and Jachin at 1:16 pm, so 8 years and 12 hours, I guess…

Just for fun, here are the first pictures of all my babies:

Jachin was by far my easiest labor and delivery, which is surpriaing as he was my 7th labor, and 2nd induction… And they’ve all gotten faster (up until the inductions).

I’ll spare you the gruesome details, but I walked I to the hospital because they called me to come in and start the induction, not because I thought I was in labor. But I was dilated to a 4/5 at the start, which is already about halfway to the finish, and 4 hours later he was born!

He weighed 7 pounds, 12 ounces, and had a head full of dark hair… Which interestingly enough is not just an old wive’s tale about causing heartburn during pregnancy… There is scientific evidence and statistical proof to back that up. And my personal experience.

He has his 1-month well check tomorrow, but I anticipate he is growing well due to how frequently he nurses and subsequently fills diapers.

He is a joy and a blessing and such a wonderful addition to our family. I can only praise God for how well he fits in to the flow of our day and into the hearts of all the children (and my husband and myself, of course.)


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