Long Time, No Post

My baby is 6 months old. Something I don’t think I’ve shared is that when he was 6 days old, we bought a house!

Tim and I have been renting since we got married, 9 years ago. While we have moved in those 9 years, we just moved from a 2 bedroom house to a 3 bedroom house between babies #4 and #5 (Dan was sleeping in a pack-n-play in the living room and I found out I was pregnant with Phoebe… We needed another bedroom!)

This house will get a blog post of its own someday… I have tons of photos to upload. It was a Land Bank house, which means that it is a fixer upper. Land Bank is an organization sort of like neighborhood revitalization… The house we bought had sat empty for 2 years before we bought it, and needed tons of work and updates. Not only is it not-liveable, we do not have permission to occupy it until Land Bank inspects our work and gives us permission. Something about the difference between a title and a deed…? We had 6 months from date of purchase, but we have asked for an extension til the end of November (and Lord willing we won’t have to ask for another extension!)

All my spare time (what little of it there ever was) has gone to helping Tim on that… As he is the main worker, I feel there is painfully little I can do, but he is heading there straight after work and staying til midnight or later most nights… If we didn’t go over to “help,” we would never see him. And I have done little things… Painting, cleaning up, etc. 8 installed the drawer and cabinet knobs and pulls in the built in buffet all by myself.

But I want to keep a record of my life, so I hope to post more regularly. Whenever I find where I misplaced my free time…


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