Dental Hygiene Hijinks

I am slightly ashamed to say it had been a decade since I’ve visited the dentist.

I went twice a year until the year I got married (2009) and then my dentist had a stroke, survived, and retired.

Then I got married, and my insurance changed. Then I had a baby… and then another baby… And then another baby… And another baby… Up until now, and I currently have 7 “babies” of various ages.

Life got crazy. Life has not gotten any less crazy, but I finally decided I needed to see the dentist for myself, and not just take my kids.

Actually, what sparked this, was that Olivia, my 6 year old (way back when she was 5) had a cavity *cue Mom-guilt for not making sure she was brushing well* and around Easter the filling fell out… But she didn’t say anything until the end of July when the hole where the filling had been started to get worse. I left four messages with her dentist, which still have not been returned. I did a Google search, found a dentist who not only was open evenings (for future appointments) but could fit her in at 8:30 the next morning.

She ended up having to have the tooth removed… Which is a whole other post that I don’t need to get into. But, since the new dentist was not limited to pediatric care, I made myself an appointment too.

They were surprised my mouth was in as good contdition as it was, as it had been 10 years since my last dentist visit, but I had 5 small cavities.

3 on my right side, we’re filled today. And I got to use the numbing injection that isn’t as effective because I can’t have epinephren due to Baby #8 being discovered a few weeks ago.

It all turned out fine, and I have a joint appointment with Ethan at the end of January, as he had a cavity from his last visit that needs filled as well.

It’s weird, laying on the chair, I find myself clenching my fists, and forcibly relaxing them, because my fear is accidentally twitching and making the drill slice into my tongue. I’m glad these imaginings stayed in my head. Until next time, when I’ll probably think the same thing!

Public Service Anouncement: Visit your dentist!

So much has happened since my last post. My baby is almost 9 months, we bought/fixed up/moved into a new house, a new baby was discovered the weekend we moved, homeschooling is going so much smoother than last year, and we left a church we have known and loved for the past 10 years into a completely different branch of Christianity.

I hope to be a more regular poster in 2019, if only for my own selfish reasons. But I definitely have much to post about.


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