February Blahs

February is always my most difficult month. Not only is it mid-winter, a time when sunny days are generally few and far between, it is also smack dab in the middle of the school-year, and I just want to get done so I can start planning for next year. Planning is my favorite.

This blah month, combined with being 14 weeks pregnant with 7 other children running around the house, has left me feeling rather lethargic and apathetic. I just don’t feel like doing anything, although I know things must get done. Feeding said children and completing schoolwork are about all I want to put in my to-do list.

Having a family means having some repetitive chores… Having a large family simply means those chores are repeated more frequently. Dishwasher is run at least once a day, and must be emptied and reloaded almost immediately. We use paper plates to cut down on some of this, but some of it is also unavoidable. We only use plastic utensils when we’re away from home (co-op or park picnics, for example). And it is nice and satisfying to wake up to a clean sink/kitchen. That is my goal every evening… Although it is not always achieved.

Likewise, at least one load of laundry must be done daily. I am good at washing/drying… Folding usually gets backed up, and putting away at least is tasked to the children… I just shudder when it’s time for me to check their work. Some things are simply easier to do for myself, even if it is more beneficial to them to have them do it.

The dining room floor is swept after every meal, and sometimes in between too. The bathroom(s) need cleaned at least twice a week, with regular clean-the-toothpaste-spit-off-the-sink happening daily. *sigh*

It doesn’t seem like much, but I’m just not in the mood… Then again, if you ask me mid-June if I feel like doing dishes, laundry, and housework (even without the schoolwork in the mix) I probably wouldn’t feel any more apt to hop to it. Although with this baby due mid-August, I may get a nesting burst of energy in July.

One can hope. (My husband, especially!)


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