The Calm Before the Storm…

A more accurate title might be “The Calm Between the Storms.”

I’ve been having a bit of a crazy life. Our co-op is done until next year, but we’re still finishing up some other curriculum (all of which should be finished by next Friday!!!) All 3 of my children enrolled in the co-op achieved the Sola Scriptura Award, meaning for the 28 weeks worth of scripture memory, they memorized all of it. (They memorized some memory work in other subjects, but the only other award is for all 28 weeks in all 9 subjects.) This cycle, the scrupture memory was 26 weeks of ABC Bible verses and 2 weeks of the Lord’s Prayer. Since we say the Lord’s prayer at dinner, they already knew that going in and memorized a verse a week and reviewed like crazy.

Added to that, Ethan celebrated his 9th birthday, Jachin his 1st, and Dan just celebrated his 5th.

My husband started a new job at an oil refinery shutdown… Which will be nice for our bank account, but that means he’s working 6-10s, and will soon start 7-12s.

Between schoolwork, birthday-party-planning, amd general household chores with daddy home less (the kids are so much more obedient and helpful when he is in charge), I haven’t had time to think, much less write and post. I do want to be more regular… But then I don’t think I have much of a following, so maybe it doesn’t really matter anyway.

But with the schoolyear wrapping up and no birthdays until August (except my dad’s birthday later this month and father’s day next month) I am finally finding a good rhythm. I wonder how long it will last… Not only will Phoebe be 4 on August 2nd, I plan to deliver her baby sister a week later. And 2 or 3 weeks after that co-op will start back up. I have already decided we won’t start curriculum at home until after Naomi’s birthday, which is always around Labor Day and a day we would take off schoolwork anyway.

I am so excited planning for next schoolyear, and I’ve already spent a considerable amount on books for next year. I am so thankful we qualified and were picked for the NOSF scholarship that reimburses us on school expenses. We can and would afford everything without the scholarship, but that reimbursement is a HUGE perk… And I use the money we get back to buy more school stuff, so it feeds into itself.

I am curious how homeschooling with such a newborn will go, but doing only co-op will be a good way to ease into it. Housework and homeschooling my be crazy for a bit, though.

We also just became official chatecumens in the Orthodox church… That doesn’t involve much time, other than personal free time spent furthering my knowledge of the faith and making sure this is a decision I wholeheartedly want. The church also will be examining me to make sure my faith and desire is genuine.

I am officially in the 3rd Trimester with this baby girl! We have decided to name her Chloe Sophia, and she’ll even our numbers up nicely… 4 boys and 4 girls. I am chomping at the bit to pack my hospital bag and wash/put away all her clothes, but I have until August so I can definitely take my time.

Nesting will happen this summer when my schedule is more open, which will be nice. Before the next storm hits…


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